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Spain and back

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Well good afternoon all, hope you all had a good weekend. So this weekends show was in spain, had a nightmare flight, found myself sat near 4 Jeremy Kyle guests. Shouting, swearing and on the phone for take off and started walking to the loo whilst the plane was coming in to land!

Arrived at Malaga hoping to catch a bit of sun but no it was cold, dark and grey! The day had to get better, got down to the gig at Thomson Gold Hotel  - The Yarama in fuengerola, nice hotel and really nice staff.  Show started off hard but got them as the show went on; well I wasnt going to finish till i got them all! The show lasted a hour and twenty mins and got some great feed back from the audience. Then back to the room to chill as had an early start back to the uk!  Flight back alot better! Nice and quiet but very bumpy coming in to land.

So now time to learn new songs and try to learn a new instrument!  Bye for now and blog again soon.

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