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This is it! My Blog, are you really ready for Jay McGee's take on everything?!  Really?  Your ready?  Read on then :)

Mallorca To Chichester

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Friday 21st March, was an early start as I had to fly to Mallorca for 24 hours for one show. Awake and on the road by 3 am, normally I would be on my way home from a gig at that time, not just starting out.

I was at the Thomoson Gold hotel, the Lavente in Cala Bona and all I could think about was  laying in the sun for a few hours in the afternoon before my soundcheck. Landed on time in Palma de Mallorca, got my hire car which was brand new - don't mind if I do! 42 mile drive to the hotel with no sun shine! Love the island though! March is still out of season so not much open!  Had a great show on the inside stage as it was very cold (so much for sitting in the sun), the audience was up for a good time and joined it whcih made it a pleasure. The Thomson Team were lovely, Barry really looked after me, and I met up with a good friend of mine who is a entertainer on the Island. Iain  Duncan is a Elivs impersonater - picture in the Gallery (he's not in costume thou)- we had a couple of beers and a good old gossip about life and the entertainment Biz.  Was great to catch up!

Then its time to head back to the UK for Saturday's gig in Chichester at a holiday Resort.   Female vocalist Gemma joined me, we often work together, she has got a great voice and works the audience well to warm them up for me. Had to set up the PA, and there was not many in but Gemma went a storm! I put a new number in and tried a couple of new gags, I remembered all the words so I was happy! 

It was a long 24 hours so now once packed up  I headed home and am now preparing for my next gig!  

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  1. Sue white southampton

    Hi jay I think your a fantastic person u r amazing u have a fantastic person u look stunning now u have lost weight we have followed u every where we r at bunn lesuire in August you are there on the 26th we r there on the 7th wish u was there then hope to see u soonxx

    Posted on

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